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SunCompass – Let the sun show you the way!

The SunCompass helps children (& us) connect with the movement of the sun through the sky from East, through South, to finally setting in the West. Through this simple but delightful pocket navigational tool, we can learn how the sun's movement relates to the time of day and how this can be used to find our way.  

 How the SunCompass works:

  • Turn the dial to view the correct time.
  • Rotate the whole compass so the arrow is pointing to the sun or the brightest cloud in the sky (hint: this is the one that makes your eyes squint, as the sun is hiding behind it).
  • The SunCompass now shows you your Cardinal Directions: North, East, South and West, just the way a magnetic compass does.

The SunCompass is the first in Freckle's series of natural navigational toys.  If we know the time, we can use the sun as a compass.  And if we have a compass, we can use the sun to tell the time.

Cut from FSC Birch Plywood and hand painted

Finished with a wax cord strap

Made in Wales, UK

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