MONKIND is a brand based in Berlin whose focus is on sleek, minimal design paired with organic, sustainably-made materials.

They concentrate on structure, mood, colour and light to create a unified aesthetic ­message that is subtle, functional and timeless. ­MONKIND make simple, innovative and stylish kid’s and adult’s clothes that are enjoyed around the globe.

The designer and lifeblood of MONKIND is Valeria. She was born in the former Soviet Union into a professional artistic family and was taught from birth the importance of the aesthetic and the relevance of composition. Her first experience of fashion design was making clothes for her barbie dolls. This culminated in graduating from a Berlin fashion school and founding of her own label. Soon Valeria began to make clothes for her first child, which rapidly became a passion, bringing her to decide to start an organic kid’s wear label. Thus, MONKIND was born. Her husband Stewart joined forces shortly after and together they opened their first store in Berlin in 2014. Since then they’ve become one of the biggest kid’s wear brands in Germany.