Hello and a warm welcome to We Roam Wild, an online destination offering stylish wears for your child. We hope you like it here :-)

Our story began when my daughter, Pearl, was born. Having always loved clothes I was so excited at the prospect of dressing another human. I wanted to dress her in the styles and colours that I myself would wear but struggled to find what I was looking for when shopping at major brands. So, I started making her dresses. I adored the idea of her having clothes that she would truly cherish. But after the birth of my second child, Buddy, together with returning to my full-time city job, life soon became way too busy to continue making clothes. That's when I started scouring the internet in search of beautiful minimalist styles similar to those that I had been making myself. I was amazed at the pieces I found from small independent brands. As I browsed I began to go down a rabbit hole, learning more and more about fabrics as well as sustainable and ethical values in the production process. I knew this was a movement I wanted to be part of. 

And so We Roam Wild was born, a carefully curated edit of stylish kidswear that considers the ethical production and composition of each piece. All of our clothing is made from natural fabrics and we stay away from any synthetics, which are not only an absolute no no for the environment but can also cause sensitivity and irritation for your child. Most of our pieces are crafted from organic cotton or linen which along with being eco-friendly don’t have any of those pesky chemicals or toxins associated with other fabrics, allowing your child’s skin to breath and making it more comfortable for them to do what they do best, immersing themselves in a world of imagination and play.

We only work with small brands that align with our own ethos, striving to be sustainable through their design and manufacturing processes.

We focus on quality, timeless pieces in minimalist styles and soft muted tones, ensuring that the garments will be cherished and then passed on to be adored by another. 

We hope you love the pieces as much as we do.

If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to drop us a line here.

Thank you so so much for stopping by!