When Pearl and Buddy were younger I always felt the strongest urge to leave the house everyday with them, to interact with others, to keep them curious and frankly to stop them getting bored. Oh the things we took for granted! If we'd been in lockdown in those days, it would have driven me nuts.

Now they're a little older (4 and 7) they are able to keep themselves amused for a very very limited time, which obviously includes me breaking up around 324 arguments, over anything and everything, felt pens/star wars/snacks, you name it. It's actually pretty impressive what kids can argue over. But there always comes that lull in the afternoon when they need some sort of set activity. Maybe yours are the same?!? So in order to help myself/you I've collated some resources that I've seen on my travels around the internet. I hope you find them useful and they give you 5 mins of unadulterated peace to enjoy a hot cuppa -

1) Wilding Interiors have created a couple of free printable box templates to colour in and construct. There's both bunny and heart ones and they're so sweet along with being super useful in hiding all their treasures/random stuff. You can find them here.

2) Mer mag always have the most beautiful craft ideas. From making your own fairy wings, swan costume or nature crowns to creating your very own pupper theatre or dolls house. Give them a follow here

3) Ever tried dying your own eggs as an Easter activity? You can use loads of natural ingredients blueberries, beetroots, onions or coffee to name a few. Find some step by step instructions on how to naturally dye eggs here. A super fun activity to do with your little one and best of all you can eat them afterwards so its win win.

4) Magic Cat publishing have some lovely nature inspired ideas on their instagram feed such as making bird feeders, creating a phases of the moon wall chart or going on bug spotting adventures in the garden. Give them a follow here

5) Fabelab minimakers have some great craft ideas from growing cress in eggshells to making aeroplanes and cars using toilet roll holders along with some colouring in pages and Easter projects. Check them out here

6) Abels Playthings hope to inspire you to create using items you will most definitely have lying around the house. Choose from aquariums, peg dolls, post boxes, cameras or rocket wall hangings, I'm sure you'll be totally inspired! Give them a follow here

7) Bebestylist has some fun activities to keep your toddler entertained during these lockdown days. You'll find skating penguins, marbeling, no nasties slime and rainbow rice. Check them out here

If that's not enough and you're looking for a further craft fix, Petite Belle will be posting some more resources in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Check them out here. Petite Belle and I launched our businesses within a few weeks of each other and have supported each other ever since. They love sustainable kidswear with strong designs and quirky prints. Take a look, you won't be disappointed.

Where's your go to for craft inspiration? I'm always on the look out so would love to know! Drop me a note in the comments below.

Rah x

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